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Hotel Shree Lakshmi Bhavan Welcomes You

The food and ambience are not the only reasons why people come to Shree Lakshmi Bhavan. It is the quality of our service that we take pride in and our chefs and waiters are trained to go all out to make your Shree Lakshmi Bhavan experience memorable. Our chefs can customize food frame-up based on customers menu.
Highly experienced chefs who are highly motivated, quality products and fresh spices ensure the customers an haute cuisine, a menu sought never pretentious and the solidity of the best Indian culinary tradition.A refined atmosphere, expert service, hospitality to the guests and the guarantee of a quality kitchen are the key elements that have placed our restaurant among the best.


We create and deliver products, which provide a compelling advantage versus competition in bringing consumers superior benefits that best satisfy their needs.

Quality Policy

We are committed to offering goods and services which meet the highest objectives and standards.